Enhancing by Saliency-guided Decolorization
Proceedings of the 24th IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR 2011)
Codruta Orniana Ancuti
Cosmin Ancuti
Philippe Bekaert

This paper introduces an effective decolorization algorithm that preserves the appearance of the original color image, by primary searching to maintain the contrast in the salient regions. Therefore, guided by the original saliency, the method blends the luminance and the chrominance information in order to conserve the initial color disparity while enhancing the chromatic contrast. As a result, our straightforward fusing strategy, generates a new spatial distribution that discriminates better the illuminated areas and color features. Since we do not employ quantization or a per-pixel optimization (computationally expensive), the algorithm has a linear runtime, and depending on the image resolution it could be used in real-time applications.
Extensive experiments and a comprehensive evaluation against existing state-of-the-art methods demonstrate the potential of our grayscale operator.
Furthermore, since the method accurately preserves the finest details while enhancing the chromatic contrast, the utility and versatility of our technique has been proven for several other challenging applications such as video decolorization, detail enhancement, single image dehazing and segmentation under different illuminants.
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Segmentation under Different Illuminants
Image Detail Enhancing
Single Image Dehazing